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Welcome to T Print (Pvt) Ltd.

Sri Lanka’s tea industry in the past few years has become increasingly sophisticated in the use of packaging to market it’s teas abroad. The growing demand for quality teabags necessitates quality printing of tags and envelopes for discerning buyers abroad. T-Print – as it’s name suggests caters to the needs of the direct and indirect exporters providing quality tags and envelopes.

Plate Making

We have just installed state of the art plate making Equipment which posses latest technology and software To match demands of our client needs.

Quality Control

Material used is source from internationally FSC certified suppliers meeting good quality control standards upon receipt of these material, we carry out our own in house quality control system comparing with mills technical data sheets.


Our design professionals can help you design or redesign any of your tea tags and tea envelopes. Our package design team graphic designers , CAD touching and manufacturing experts.


All tooling material is from USA, Australia and China and is high precision that gives us technical perfect designs of tea tag and tea envelope matched to suit various tea bagging machines.